1. Qualified Real Estate Professionals – Elaine Hughes Realty Group strives to stay current and knowledgeable about the ever changing market conditions so that we can best serve you, the client. Our agents have some of the best real estate training in the industry so you can rest easy.
  2. Managing the Details – It’s not your job to worry about the details! Our agents are prepared to handle all of your real estate concerns.
  3. Pricing- Elaine Hughes Realty Group has access to the latest, most accurate active listings and sales info on the market so we can provide you with the true market value of a home.
  4. Negotiation- We have a team of professional negotiators to tackle the situations you are not familiar with. We will ease any unforeseen obstacles that may come up and use our best skill sets to put things back on track.
  5. Communication – Elaine Hughes Realty Group’s sales agents will stay in touch and keep you posted on the details of your real estate transaction.
  6. Listing advice – Most people do not know that a buyer decides in the first few seconds of entering your home if they can imagine themselves living there. It is important to create the best first impression as possible and that is where we can help as experienced agents.
  7. Real Estate Services – Should you have inspection needs, mortgage needs, insurance needs, a contractor for repair work, or other financial planning needs, Elaine Hughes Realty Group agents can help assist.
  8. Financing –Our agents are knowledgeable in the different types of financing available and what criteria it takes to manage those. Although we are not lenders and cannot provide all the answers we will be able to get those answers for you and help guide you in the direction best for the purchase.
  9. Above and Beyond – As we know, life is busy. We will make every attempt to cater to your schedule. We will attend all showings and appointments and can help in facilitating any appointments needs.  
  10. We are simply the Best……